Our Values & Mission

Kill the Bill is a nonpartisan effort to increase the quality of life of North Carolinians by tracking state legislation that harms North Carolinians. We envision a future for North Carolina that accomplishes the following:

  • Reduces income inequality and rebuilding the middle class
  • Provides high-quality, affordable education that trains youth for a changing world and retrains those whose jobs and industries have been displaced
  • Provides decent-paying jobs and a living wage
  • Protects of our natural resources
  • Combats climate change
  • Protects the civil liberties of all people, regardless of race, age, class, sexual orientation, gender or religion
  • Holds polluters accountable for the costs of pollution to North Carolina’s air and water
  • Provides health care access and addresses the opioid epidemic in North Carolina
  • Humane immigration policies

Our work with nonprofits

We receive legislative analyses from North Carolina nonprofits that we trust and that represent our values. If you are a nonprofit and would like to get connected, please email info@killthebill.com with the subject “nonprofit”.